I've always been fascinated by photographs.  When I was a child, I discovered my dad's slide box viewer and when I turned on the light, was whisked into the still world of his slides of people and places.  When my family took a car trip from the East Coast to the West, I was again fascinated by the black and white images taken by my brother. 

I got my first serious camera in my early 20s and have been taking pictures ever since - every once in a while, one would qualify as a "photograph"!  I have photographed in film and digital, and processed in both darkroom and now, on computer. 

I have had some wonderful mentors along the way, some that have continued to encourage me.  After a successful career in public service, I attended and graduated from a photography school's professional photography program so that I could learn to better capture what my eye was seeing, both my physical eye and my mind's eye! 

While browsing my site, you will see that I am eclectic in choice of subjects for my photography. However, I strive to see the simple elegance of a moment captured in a single image - well lighted, framed, and emoting feeling - so that the art of the subject is celebrated visually between photographer and observer.

My photographs on this site are dedicated to the capture of that simple elegance. If I can help you to capture the special moments or people in your world, I would be honored to work and collaborate with you.  If you are wanting a portrait, or to build a portfolio, capture an event, or simply would like beautiful elegant images, contact me for my availability and reasonable rates.

I also teach Introduction to Digital Photography if you are interested in improving your photography!